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The Range

We’ve travelled to the farthest corners of the globe in pursuit of the finest ingredients, but our inspiration lies much closer to home. Rich traditional flavours exist alongside unexpected nuances to give our rums a flavour as unique as their stories.

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The Far Shore Merchants Range

What makes our rum so distinctive?

While most UK rum distillers import rum from distant shores, Far Shore Merchants prefer not to cut corners. Our pursuit for the perfect British rum led us to form a strong partnership with The Cornish Distilling Company, who import the finest cane molasses to produce our rums from scratch.

From on-site wind turbines that power the entire distillery to the proposed use of recycling a neighbouring bakery’s residual heat to warm our warehouse, both Far Shore Merchants and The Cornish Distilling Company take a serious stance when it comes to creating products that are as sustainable as they are delicious.

Peggy Dark Rum

The original, and our first love. When we discovered the perfect blend for Peggy dark rum, we knew we were onto something special. Dark chocolate, molasses, and coffee are infused with oak and rich caramel and finished off with a swirl of liquorice and marzipan.

Inspired by the captivating story of The Peggy of Castletown, an 18th-century schooner boat, her apocryphal ties to rum runs is what prompted us to embark on our adventure of distilling a libation that captured the vivid legend behind one of the Isle of Man’s most captivating tales.

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Windsong White Rum

The inspiration for our white rum brand is rooted in the rich romanticism of Manx folklore, particularly that of the Mermaid of Gob-ny-Ooyl, a fable of lost love, burgeoning obsessions, and lamentable wind-borne songs.

A fruity, floral nose is followed by notes of lime, grass, and white chocolate with a hint of apple on the finish, an ode to the fruit tree at the centre of the mermaid’s story.

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Jackdaw Cave Spiced Rum

Though smuggling has been well documented, it’s the story of Jackdaw Cave – a smuggler’s hideout veiled in secrecy – that captured our imagination.

Warming notes of vanilla, orange, and caramel; a gentle flutter of nutmeg and cinnamon; notes of coffee, ginger, and pepper: though the smugglers and jackdaws may have vacated the cave, its history can be tasted in every sip of Jackdaw Cave spiced rum.

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Bläk Byrd

Bläk Byrd coffee liqueur is influenced by the portentous qualities of the raven, particularly Huginn and Munnin (translated as Thought and Memory), who served the one-eyed Norse god Odin, watching on his behalf and regaling him with tales of that which he could not see.

Bläk Byrd is our tribute to those in pursuit of sensory enlightenment: a beguiling blend of white rum, cold brew coffee, and a touch of cane sugar, its subtle hint of spice is complemented by fresh espresso, chocolate, and notes of red berry, the perfect gateway for a voyage into darkness.


Made using the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate and Manx butter, our truffle selections are handmade and hand-finished: rich, decadent chocolate shells encase a smooth melting filling of truffle and Peggy Rum, with aromas of caramel, oak, and marzipan to give our truffles unparalleled depth and flavour.

Giftbox Miniatures

Start your adventure.

The perfect gift for rum loving friends and family, our taster sets are the perfect exploration into our uniquely crafted dark, spiced, and white rums. Each 50 ml miniature bottle is also the ideal measurement for most rumbased cocktails.

The Merchant’s Emporium

Explore our range of carefully selected products we have gathered from near and far away shores. Product quality is very important to us, but actually these are also the things we love.

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