Jackdaw Cave

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Jackdaw Cave Spiced Rum
37.5% VOL
Height – 240mm x Diameter 85mm

Jackdaw backstory

For anyone searching for clues on the Isle of Man’s history of smuggling, they need look no further than the veiled secrecy of Jackdaw Cave, a genuine smuggler’s hideout hidden in a jagged cove on the Island’s south-easterly coastline.

Manx clipper boats would enter the cave and be loaded with the finest imported rum through a hole in the cave’s roof, destined for a speedy passage to the quieter coves of the UK mainland after skilfully navigating the churning waters of the Irish Sea and evading those who sought to underhandedly relieve them of their cargo.

Jackdaw Cave is located by Port Soldrick on the southeast coast, situated midway between Santon Head and Derbyhaven.

Tasting notes

It is this coastal hideout that inspired Jackdaw Cave spiced rum: warming notes of vanilla, orange, and caramel swirl amid the gentle flutter of nutmeg and cinnamon, followed by the cleanest of finishes with hints of coffee, ginger, and pepper.

The smugglers and jackdaws may have since vacated the cave, but you can taste the history in every sip of our spiced rum.