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Windsong – White Rum

If you believe Manx folklore, the sleepy waters of Bulgham Bay were home to the Mermaid of Gob-ny-Ooyl. Legend has it that the mermaid bestowed luck on a local fisherman and his family in exchange for apples – or ‘land eggs’.

Windsong White Rum is inspired by this tale: clean, fresh, and fruity, it is perfectly suited to cocktails and smooth enough to be enjoyed neat. A fruity, floral nose is followed by notes of lime, grass, and white chocolate, with a buttery finish and a hint of apple – our offering to the mermaid of Gob-ny-Ooyl.

Peggy – Dark Rum Spirit Drink

The Isle of Man is rich in romantic fables such as The Peggy of Castletown. Built in 1789 and hidden in a boathouse, her apocryphal tales of rum smuggling promoted us to embark on our own adventure of distilling a rum that captured the vivid legend behind one of the Isle of Man’s most intriguing tales.

Our rum’s heritage is as rich as its flavour: dark and rich chocolate, molasses, and coffee infused with oak, caramel, and a hint of liquorice and marzipan on the finish give Peggy Dark Rum a palate as unique as her story.

Jackdaw Cave – Spiced Rum Spirit Drink

For anyone searching for clues on the Isle of Man’s history of smuggling, they need look no further than Jackdaw Cave. A genuine smuggler’s hideout on the Island’s south-easterly coastline, Manx clipper boats would enter the cave and be loaded with the finest imported rum through a hole in the cave’s roof.

It is this coastal hideout that inspired Jackdaw Cave Spiced Rum: warming notes of vanilla, orange, and caramel swirl amid the gentle flutter of nutmeg and cinnamon, followed by the cleanest of finishes with hints of coffee, ginger, and pepper.