Coffee Liqueur

Blak Byrd backstory

Influenced by the portentous qualities of the raven, Bläk Byrd takes its inspiration from the all-seeing companions of the Norse raven-god, Odin.

Huginn and Munnin (translated as Thought and Memory) served the one-eyed All-Father, watching on his behalf and regaling him with tales of that which he could not see.

Local Manx artist Sarah Pitts was commissioned by FSM to create two linocuts depicting the ravens. Using figurative art techniques, her striking imagery captures the foreshadowing of the raven and the mood of Bläk Byrd, a coffee liqueur that looks set to make its way into the hearts of Espresso Martini lovers the world over.

Tasting notes

Bläk Byrd is our tribute to those in pursuit of sensory enlightenment. A beguiling blend of white rum, cold brew coffee, and a touch of cane sugar, its subtle hint of spice is complemented by fresh espresso, chocolate, and notes of red berry, the perfect gateway for a voyage into darkness.

Distiller’s notes

We slowly drip water through ground coffee over 24 hours and collect the concentrate to create our coffee liqueur. The concentrate then dilutes our 90% white rum down to 25% ABV before adding raw cane sugar.

The rum, coffee, and sugar are rested for a month to allow all flavours to marry and infuse. Bläk Byrd isn’t as sweet as most coffee liqueurs, and the sugar is used as a tool to balance the flavour as much as it is to provide sweetness.